Team Based Organizations And The Leader 's Role Essay

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Thinking about team based organizations brings to mind a group of people working together to accomplish something. There is a collaborative effort among team members to achieve particular goals. They are hands on together, share decision making, opinions, and ideas. So, then the question arises does a leader have a place in team based organizations? This paper will discuss team based organizations and the leader’s role. The leader’s motivation through recognition and recommendations for leading a team to achieve long-term business outcomes.
Team Based Organizations
Team-based organizations are known to involve collective employee efforts to accomplish objectives, task, and goals. Management activities are appointed to employees or group members and shared decision-making is encouraged. Although the basis of team-based organizations is for members or employees to be engage in leadership activities, leaders still play an important role. “Team based organizations need leaders who are knowledgeable in the team process and can help with the interpersonal demands of teams” (DuBrin, 2013). If resolving conflicts, facilitating communication or guiding group members a leader in needed to help with these interpersonal demands rather than have everyone participate and potentially cause chaos. If a team doesn’t have a leader who is effective, teams could be hindered by conflicts, veer of course and even lose sight of the goal.
There has been some research on a leader’s…

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