Team Assessment in Organizations Essay

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Team Assessment Instruments for Organization Leadership

Lydia Ross

Argosy University

Solutions Leadership B7777 Module 7 Assignment 1


Solution Focused Learning (SFL) is being used by organizations to effectively lead the organization to accomplish new visions and to embrace the changes in the marketplace with confidence. Most organizations use some metrics in their learning environments to determine how well their workforce in handling the organizations new thrust and to determine the success of the organization in the new environment. Our organization has chosen several different measures to determine its success. We’ve looked at the current
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For our company, the methods of six sigma will be used as one of our leadership development strategy and assessment. “These efforts are directed at helping managers become catalysts for change and continuous improvement in support of the corporation’s business objectives” (Day, 2011). We will also be using the methods Motorola uses of mandatory training hours for all of its employees.

Our company recognizes that in order for people to grow and develop they must be trained. We are committed to having our workforce state of the art at all levels. Similar to Motorola we require our employees to have set number of training hours as required for their particular job code as predetermine by our Human Resources Department. “ At present, Motorola requires a minimum of 40 hours a year on job-relevant training and education for every employee. The leadership curriculum at Motorola varies by level (supervisors, first-time managers, executives), but each leadership development program uses the same general framework with different curricula. Much of the program content for lower level managers is based on Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Theory” (Day, 2001). Our company will be following the same curriculum to ensure all employees are trained with proven development curriculums. We understand that in order for the employees to embrace the changes in the company, they must be lead by example. To this end, the executives at

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