Team 2 Case Analysis: The Army Crew Team

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Register to read the introduction… will start the meeting by explaining his reasoning for switching the teams and educating the Varsity team so they can better understand his decision. He will need to reiterate the importance of team spirit and remind them that they play for the United States Military Academy at West Point, not for their individual selves. It will be important for Coach P. to remind them that they need to compete against other schools, not against their own teammates. He will need to show them how their “shell” is broken and they have slowed down because they are working against each other and not with each other. Coach P. will need to ask for approval from everyone on the Varsity team and require them to be mentors to the Junior Varsity team for the next four days. The Varsity team has strength; experience and technique that can help the Junior Varsity team improve greatly before the National championship …show more content…
The next days of training will need to focus on their rowing technique and psychological dimensions. One drill that helps improve synergy is to practice rowing as a team with their eyes closed, so they can feel the “swing” coordination (Polzer & Snook, 4). The Varsity team can help them practice their error strokes and teach them the techniques needed so they can quickly adapt and recover from any imperfect strokes. The final day will need to focus on trust and team bonding to ensure that their team spirit and morale stays positive and strong before and during the …show more content…
did not sufficiently facilitate the team building which is necessary for success; this vividly shows his lack of leadership. Mostly the author is concentrating on the Varsity team rather than the Junior Varsity so the reader is not able to get much information about the Junior Varsity. This could be one of the missing information in the case.
Regarding the team, overall team spirit is missing in the Varsity team, each team members acted individually rather than as a group. They have lack of trust with each other because of this they are not able to rely on his teammates to put forth their best effort. No leader in the team, so nobody to control the team members or to develop the team spirit. In addition to, there is a communication barrier, most individuals in the Varsity team doesn't want to admit to their mistakes, everyone in the team has an ego of "I am the one carrying the

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