Teaching Today 's Primary Grade Students Essay

1239 Words Oct 18th, 2015 null Page
Teaching today’s primary-grade students becomes a challenge in every aspect. As the 21st century arrives and more achievement gaps in the way, educators have to find new ways to keep the students engage and motivated to become life-long learners. I have learn new ways to grow as an educator, but also provide students with rich lessons that can keep them motivated to keep learning. I have learn ways to improve my literacy instructions like knowing skills, concepts and strategies necessary to develop fluency, oral language, phonic knowledge (Reutzel, & Cooter, 2016). In addition, have develop lesson plans on an effective instruction in writing and literacy. This has helped me see clearer exactly what the student’s needs using differentiated instruction. Moreover, I have added new evidence-based strategies to help the students achieve their goals. Dr. Almasi (Laureate Education, 2014a) explains the importance to know our students. Building relationships with the students and parents is the primary step in order for the students to succeed. Getting to know who they are as a person, readers, writers, how they cognitive develop gives us so much information for us as educator provide the appropriate instruction to meets their needs. A great point that Dr. Almasi states is that educators are always focus on meeting the curriculum and sometimes we tend to forget who we are teaching the curriculum. It is not all about the learners following us, it is about knowing where they…

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