Teaching Thinking By Teaching Writing Essay

1252 Words Sep 29th, 2016 6 Pages
The writing process is both complex and interesting at the same time. There are many ways to write and the process is different for everyone. In this essay, I will explain my found writing process and analyze my process alongside Peter Elbow’s Teaching Thinking by Teaching Writing, Alvarez’s Writing Matters, and Stafford’s A Way of Writing. My first step in writing begins with choosing the right location. Usually I choose my office or bedroom, but sometimes when I stick to a routine, I become distracted easier. Mixing up my area breaks the routine and helps alleviate all of the surrounding distractions. When choosing a location, I look for quiet, tranquil places where I can be alone. Places like my backyard or a secluded area at the park are perfect. The environment that I write in dictates most of my thoughts and feelings. Music is another crucial step in my writing process. Music has the ability to revive memories and enhance your imagination. Living at home with a brother, sister, and two dogs made my house as quiet as a night club. Listening to music while I wrote helped me focus on the task at hand. I listened to every genre of music that I could whether it was techno, rock, or even classical music. Expressing emotions is hard for me and music is the one thing that helps me vent. Writing is not a job for one single person. Others can help you find mistakes that you are blind to. Having a peer look at my paper gives me another view and helps me see what ideas I am…

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