Essay on Teaching Technologies And Instructional Design

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Contrary to what many think, librarians often have to fulfill the role of instructing those in the learning community (library patrons, teachers, etc.) in successfully finding and assessing information. This may be a daily challenge to librarians due to the fact that instruction and teaching theories could possibly not be instilled in his/her educational background. In this paper, I will identify the challenges of useful teaching, which may encourage perspective and current library educators. Four basic concepts that will be discuss are as follow: reflective practice, educational theories, teaching technologies and instructional design. The first instructional literacy skill, reflective practice, is defined as an “act of understanding and shaping your skills and ability throughout the teaching and training process” (Booth, 2011, p. xvii). It is important that librarians engage in reflective practices because it aids in improving the complex choices that librarians face in each teaching sessions. Librarians who are good reflectors are able identify problems or questions, gather information to address the questions, and make sound decisions for further action. Several activities that librarians can engage in to enhance their literacy skills, includes journaling, video recording and peer feedback. Journaling (writing in a journal or diary), is one of most generally used techniques of reflection. Journaling tends to answer questions such as “What worked in this lesson?,…

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