Teaching: Teaching Components And Models Of Teaching

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1. What is models of teaching
2. Components of Models of Teaching
3. To Study classification of models of teaching


Teaching is an act of communication with students with a view to bring about change in the cognitive affective and psychomotor behaviors of the student. Effectivecommunication, however, calls for a definite strategy or methodology. Teaching does not ensure learning by students essentially and automatically. In other words it means that teaching is attempts on the part of the teacher to help and enable the students to learn. In fact teaching amounts to creating an appropriate situation in which desirable and durable learning can take place. In the past vast amount of research has been conducted in the U.S.A., England and Europe in search of that appropriate situation. Many experts in the field have tried to
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It is a preexisting blueprint of the execution of an activity. Before an activity is undertaken for achieving some purpose, an attempt is made to prepare a complete plan to which one has to conform to while executing the work, Hence, a model is a complete map, which shows what will have to be done, when, for what purpose. Exactly that is the meaning of model of teaching too, which describes what is the objective of teaching, what activities will have to be carried out by the teacher in order to achieve that objective, what behaviors will the students be required to adopt, what teaching facilities will be needed, what kind of environment will have to be created and so on; and all these are considered in an integrated manner in relation to one another. The decisions taken in regard to all these phases of teaching are never arbitrary. They arebased on sound theoretical principles. They are rationally

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