Teaching Styles, Classroom, And Classroom Environment Essay

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Observation One I had the opportunity to go to an elementary school to do my observations for two different days. Within these two days, I was able to help the teacher and the students with anything they needed help with. I like how the teacher let me be involved with the students and their activities. It let me get more of an insight of what ill be doing as a teacher in the future and bettering the education for the students. During my observations, I was able to accumulate a lot of different information between teaching styles, classroom management, class routines, and the classroom environment.
Classroom Environment At the start of my observation, beginning when I walked into the classroom, I noticed that the comfort level was comfortable and inviting. This Is because the climate in the room was a comfortable temperature. It wasn’t too cold or too warm. The second thing that I noticed was the decorations around the room. The decorations that adorn the walls were things that the students have learned or will learn throughout the year. The teacher also has a couple stools in the room for when they are teaching or reading to the class. Throughout the room, the teacher has places for special activities. For example, the computers in the back of the room for A.R test, and the same for tablets at the front of the room by the marker board.
That’s also noticed that the classroom size was a good size for how many students that were in the room, which was about fifteen.…

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