Essay on Teaching Styles And Learning Styles

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We are all aware of the different styles in which we retain and learn material given to us: Auditory Learning (in which we learn from hearing and listening), Visual Learning (in which we learn from seeing and reading), and Kinesthetic Learning (in which we learn by doing physically). These styles are based on how the student learn, but is there a certain way that teachers can teach this material? Yes, there are three ways and they’re called Teaching Styles. There is Direct, Indirect and Interactive teaching styles. Discussed are these three teaching styles and how they are used by Physical Educators to engage their students in physical education. The first teaching style is the Direct Teaching Style. This involves clear and descriptive instruction of a specific topic or message that is led by the teachers for the students to understand. P.E. teachers use this method of teaching to verbally explain: a skill, a movement or an objective to the students, so they’re able to understand exactly what the teacher expects of them. This style is based on mainly teacher involvement and little to no involvement from the student, other than listening and comprehending. The Direct method gives P.E teachers the opportunity to explain rules, regulations, objectives and different parts of a movement or skill to students verbally, which installs an idea in their head of what to expect. With this style, the best time to use it would be during an elementary lesson. Students at that age need…

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