Teaching Style And The Classroom Environment Essay

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As noted above, the classroom environment may be dictated by the institution that is responsible for providing the academic instruction. Certain institutions have a firm believe that explicit instruction is mandatory and a teacher will have to adjust their teaching style to the environment as much as practical. In other situations, the institution will allow the teacher to select their style and methods for teaching. The most important aspect of selecting a method to teach grammar, or a combination of methods, should be based on what will be most productive to the students in the classroom, the context. One size does not fit all in any learning environment and certainly not with grammar and language instructions. An adult ELL classroom will have different dynamics than that of a classroom full of children. Likewise, a class of students that have the same native language (L1) will be quite different from one that has students with many different native languages.
Adults bring a collection of robust life experiences to the classroom and many have an in-depth knowledge of their native language’s grammar structures. Certain cultures have a stronger explicit academic focus than others and these educational experiences are a part of an adult student that need to be taken into consideration when teaching. Research has shown that the use of native language can be quite effective when explaining grammar constructs to adult students. This research supports the use of…

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