Teaching Students Of All Ages Essay

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Safety is a very important topic to teach students of all ages. Teaching students as early as possible should be encourage because the earlier they are taught the better. Safety can be broken into many different topics such as school bus safety, safety while walking home from school, stranger danger, and safety from sexual abuse. If I were a school nurse providing education about sexual abuse to children between 4 and 6 years of age I would make it relatable to them so that they can better understand. Teaching students is very important because children, especially students with special needs are taken advantage more often than not. It is important to first make sure that parents begin teaching in the home as early as possible. As the health care provider in the school I would create pictures and use dolls to educate the students. Incorporating pictures and dolls or stuffed animals will help to keep the students engaged and allow them to participate so that they are more likely to absorb the information.
The first step to educating the students is to teach them about their body parts. Although they are small children they should have a basic understanding of their body as well as the body of the opposite sex. They should be familiar with different parts of their bodies so that they are able to distinguish between good touch and bad touch. I would do this by using poster boards with a picture of a little boy and a little girl and go through each of the parts of the body.…

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