Teaching Students About Being An English Major Essay

1142 Words Dec 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Evaluative Essay This course was originally designed to teach students about being an English Major. It was created to be that first stepping stone towards graduating with a Major in English. While I was never an English Major, I did expect this class to be an easy course. As the semester progressed I realized that there was more to being an English Major than simply writing essays. I would like to preface this essay by saying that this class has most definitely helped me with my major as well as forcing me to think critically about the information covered in this class. The first portion of this course consisted of reading the Lemire textbook and writing questions at the end of every reading. This was an excellent idea in my opinion because the author explains not only what it takes to be an English Major but also the many options available to them. This is something that greatly benefited me. I never realized all of what English had to offer and this textbook showed the different career paths available. One problem that I did have with this section of the class was the actual written assignment due at the end of every reading. There should have been more writing required. Perhaps it is simply me, but if there is no expectation to do much work for an assignment then I will not put any effort into it. If however, the assignment calls for a larger amount of work and effort then I will put that much more into my assignments. This was the problem with…

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