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Strategies for Classroom Management
This article examines the importance of creating developmentally responsive classrooms that meets the needs of all students. As an instructor you will have many diverse learners and it is essential to create an effective teaching strategy to incorporate in the classroom. Engaging students in the learning process and creating avenues to promote productive classroom discussions results from classroom management and structure. Strategies found to be effective in the classroom is establishing teacher-student relationships, construct group assignments, establish goal-setting techniques and maintain a safe learning environment.
“Creating a classroom that is
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2. Give group quizzes to encourage discussions and influence their critical thinking abilities. (Ruppert, 2012)
Safe Learning Environment
“A challenging environment is one that addresses expectations, provides access to learning tools, and celebrates student success” (Ruppert, 2012). Teachers should discuss classroom rules and goals of the students for the school year. The author of the article explains the steps needed to create a positive learning environment. 1. Establish a warm up exercise to engage students in the content area. 2. Exhibit student group assignments and quizzes throughout the classroom. 3. Provide the necessary equipments and tools needed for academic success. (Ruppert, 2012)
Goal Setting
“Academic and behavior goals are tools of empowerment, promoting students’ belief that they have control over their academic success” (Ruppert, 2012). Goal setting provides a platform for teachers to understand the needs and expectations of their students. Assignment that can be utilized in goal setting activities include: 1. Have students place their personal and academic goals on a 3x5 card and tape it on their desks. This reminds them of their personal goals to be successful in the classroom 2. Create classroom goals together as a class 3. Provide students with a weekly progress report on their academic standing and things they can improve on. (Ruppert, 2012)

Overall this article presented new strategies for positive

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