Teaching Speaking : Teaching English Language Learners Essay

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Kayi, H. (2006). Teaching Speaking: Activities to Promote Speaking in a Second Language. The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. XII (No. 11). Retrieved April 17, 2015, from http://iteslj.org/Articles/Kayi-Teaching Speaking.html
Speaking is a fundamental part of second language acquisition. This article contains speaking activities that can be included in a differentiated classroom. This is practical application of teaching Second Language Acquisition. I chose this article because speaking is one of the important elements of English language learning and this article gives examples on how to effectively teach speaking.
Krashen, S., & J, M. (2012). Review of: Research Summary and Bibliography for Structured English Immersion Programs of the Arizona English Language Learners Task Force. Multilingual Matters, 107-118.
Krashen’s work, though some would debate, is the building framework for teaching English to Students of other languages. This text reviews the policy and programs of SEI and how to best interact using Krashen’s model, which I feel, falls in line with differentiation.
August, D., & Shanahan, T. (Eds.) (2008). Developing reading and writing in second- language learners. Lessons from the report of the National Literacy Panel on Language-Minority Children and Youth. Florence, KY: Routledge. The Center for Applied Linguistics and the International Reading Association.
This research article is based on a pilot school program focusing on differentiation…

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