Teaching Should Not Be Done By The Teacher Essay

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I believe that teaching should not be something done by the teacher alone, instead it should be both the teacher and the students learning together.[1] The students must be entrusted with their own education so that they can make their own discoveries.[2] Teachers remove themselves from the routine education has become when they allow a student to ask questions and discover the answers.[3] Teachers can foster the students’ education by ensuring the students are receiving a learning environment where they can expand their knowledge in their own way.[4] By getting involved in the community a teacher can better serve their students’ interests and connect what they are learning in class to their everyday life.[5] I believe every child has the potential to do amazing things in the world, if they are taught in a space that is catered to their needs.[6] This is related to Shor (1992), “Empowering education….is a critical-democratic pedagogy for self and social change. It is a student-centered program for multicultural democracy in school and society.” (p. 15) I want to be able to not just teach the material, but empower my students to make their own discoveries and to have a desire to learn more.

This is related to Freire who believed that the school system has too much focus on fulfilling the curriculum than making sure students actually learn and make discoveries. Frere (1989) believed that “Education is suffering from narration sickness.” (p. 57) I want my classroom to be a…

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