Essay on Teaching : Practice Of Preaching

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James Heroux
Practice of Preaching
Personal Theology of Preaching
Fall 2016 It is no secret that the ministry of preaching is an essential portion of the pastoral role in parish ministry. How people view you as a preacher will go a long way in determining how they will view you as a pastor overall. For those who find preaching comes naturally to them it can be a blessing to their ministry and can save them an extra few hours in the week to attend to other matters instead of polishing a sermon. For those who preaching does not come as easily, however, it can become a burden. Even if a pastor is gifted in every other aspect of ministry, if they are viewed as an inefficient preacher they may not receive the response they deserve from their congregation as a pastor. But if performance as a pastor relies heavily on the quality of preaching done by said pastor, what determines a sermon’s “quality?” As I entered seminary, my view of quality preaching was formed based on sermons I considered to be memorable – they were based on scripture, relatable, and held my attention. And while that view of rough view of preaching was not a bad place to start, I have come to understand that preaching as a discipline is heavily weighted in the context of the congregation. What the congregation needs to hear and how they expect a sermon to be formed can vary immensely and crafting a sermon starts with being conscious of where your congregation is spiritually. But while the context can…

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