Teaching Plan for Diabetes Mellitus Essay

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Teaching Plan for Diabetes Mellitus

Teaching Plan for Diabetes Mellitus
Bonny York
Jacksonville University
Nursing 342
October 10 2011

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The Identified Learning Need Patients with diabetes have very comprhensive learning needs. The learning needs are focused on managing their glucose levels and preventing complications of diabetes. Learning needs for the patient with diabetes are complex and include: monitoring blood glucose levels, menu planning, exercise, medications, skin care, management of co-existing disease processes, knowledge of medications, knowledge of the disease process and
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Patients who have had education on the use of
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their meters and how to interpret the data are more likely to preform self-glucose monitoring on a regular basis Franz, 2001). There are many different glucose monitors available for patients. The patient needs to have a device that is easy to use and convenient. A patients visual aquity and dexterity skills should be assessed prior to selecting a blood glucose monitor. Remind the patient to record the blood glucose values on a log sheet with the date and time and any associated signs and symptoms that he/she is experiencing at the time. This log should be shared with the primary care practitioner. A discussion of why the test is done, how it is performed, and how the health care provider will use the information should be included. Visual aids depicting the correct procedure can be helpful in allowing the patient to see the step by step instructions for using the glucose meter. Allow the patient to use the selected glucose meter to show that they understand the process and allow for feedback.
Medications and Insulin The patient with diabetes needs to be reminded that the addition of medications to help manage his/her diabetes is not because they are failing at diet management. Many patients

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