Essay about Teaching Phonics, Reading, And Comprehension

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“First grade is the year students learn to read.” As a teacher, I have often heard the idea that students learn to read over the course of their year in first grade. In reality, children may begin to develop the foundational skills required for independent reading when they are much younger; but it is often the expectation that students will be able to independently read a developmentally appropriate text by the end of first grade. The decision for teachers is determining what resources to use in their reading instruction as there is a plethora of materials available to teach phonics, reading, and comprehension skills. In Text Decodability and the First-Grade Reader, Mesmer replicates prior studies to further investigate claims made about the impact of highly decodable text and phonics instruction. (Mesmer, 2005, p. 61) While many first grade teachers already have decodable readers in their classroom and a phonics program in their repertoire, Mesmer (2005) explores the relationship between alphabet knowledge, phonics lessons, and multi-leveled decodable texts as it relates to a student’s ability to read aloud. This paper will convey the strengths and weaknesses of Mesmer’s research and discuss how it can be used in the realm of reading instruction by critically evaluating the topic, research design, sampling techniques, measurement, and findings as well as its overall validity, reliability, and application. Decoding is a fundamental skill during a student’s primary…

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