Essay on Teaching Philosophy Should Be A Meaningful Part Of Educators

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Teaching philosophy should be a meaningful part of educators, as the philosophy of teaching states learning experiences, goals, beliefs, level of professionalism and self-development among many other elements (Arthur, Beecher, Death, Dockett & Farmer, 2012). What educator believes and value, both professionally and personally, supports everything they do and the way they do it. However, in creating my philosophy I have to consider my relationship between families, children, and community, creating a positive learning environment and classroom organisation, as it will have a big influence in my learning and teaching.

My teaching philosophy is focused on the belief that as an educator, I have the ability to influence next generation to bring their fullest potential. This responsibility requires me to ensure that my influence creates lifelong learners who are prepared to grow and learn in the 21st century (Gee & Hayes, 2011). As an educator, I value play as a learning strategy because play is a medium for learning and a place where children can show and develop their learning (Arthur et al., 2012). I believe in Reggio- Emilia approach that children are made of one hundred, that children need to be encourage to explore their environment and express themselves through multiple ways and all their “languages”, including expressive, communicative, cognitive and imaginative (Edwards, Gardini, & Forman, 2011).

I believe that environment is the third teacher. As an educator I have…

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