Essay about Teaching Pedagogy For English Language Arts Classroom

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Within my 2nd grade English Language Arts classroom in Pittsburgh, PA, I teach my students to read using constructivist methods and with a whole-language approach. Teaching in a constructivist manner involves first and foremost assessing my students on individualized interests, ability levels, and learning styles before I can begin successfully differentiating reading instruction to meet students’ individualized needs. Within my teaching pedagogy for English Language Arts instruction, I focus on providing opportunities for students to read both efferently and aesthetically to ensure that students are reading to learn information as well as finding a love for reading (Rosenblatt, 1991). Students need to be able to use text to find and recall facts but reading for an aesthetic purpose will allow students to focus on deeper meaning, emotions, and become actively engaged life long readers. Throughout early elementary, narrative style texts are almost always the focus in reading curriculums and students often do not have enough exposure to expository texts. In my classroom, I ensure that students have experience working with both narrative and expository texts regularly and can recognize the importance and significance of both kinds. At this age, it is important to select texts that are expository as students will be readily using textbooks and informational passages throughout their lives. It is important for students to understand the structure of informational texts in order…

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