Essay on Teaching On The Block : A Model For Pre Service Teachers

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School is not easy for most high school students, but the way information is taught to them can make a huge difference in their educational experience. A student’s day consists him/her going to class and listening to a teacher for minutes on end. Two types of schedules, modular and block, have become controversial in the world of education. According to Marla M. Mondie, in her article titled, “Teaching on the Block: A Model for Pre-Service Teachers”, “Block schedule is rooted in J. Lloyd Trump’s 1959 Flexible Modular Scheduling Design” (Mondie 3). The plan originally called for class to have a 40 minute lecture, 20 minute help session and a 100 minute lab each week (Mondie 3). Other classes would be shorter, about 20 or 30 minutes. Furthermore, block schedules are made up of fewer, longer classes, ranging from 60-120 minutes in which the classes meet a few days each week (Imbimbo 2). Time for change is now in America’s high schools. In order for students to be continually challenged and to get the best out of them, it is time to switch to block schedules. Block scheduling in high school is the most effective way of teaching students in high school because of its many benefits. In regards to performance, students achieve higher when being taught using block scheduling. Some of the many benefits include “higher GPA’s, lower failure rates, lower dropout rates, higher college enrollment rates and slightly higher SAT scores” (Imbimbo 2). When students are allowed the chance to…

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