Teaching New Techniques For The Literacy Narrative Essay

712 Words Nov 26th, 2014 3 Pages
Through the many various assignments I have been tasked to complete during WRD 102 there has been a gradual growth in my ability to write. Some of the assignments that really impacted or displayed much improvement include the literacy narrative, the profile, argument analysis and the Instagram assignment. Not only was growth been established with in each assignment but due to learning new techniques for each assignment I have been able to build upon what I have learned and carry that though out this course. The first time I could recognize an impact in my writing came after completing the first big assignment of the class, which was the literacy narrative. This impact was the type that motivated me to do better. I had done a decent job on the literacy narrative being that it was the first assignment of the quarter but I still felt that I had to a lot more improving to do as writer. What really helped about this assignment was that I was able to identify what I find flawed about my writing, so I can do things to continually improve on them. One way the literacy narrative helped me do this is by allowing me to have to define literacy in my own words. That now allows me to look back at anytime and compare my current definition of literacy to the one then. Not only did the literacy narrative impact how I view literacy but also it allowed me to correct the mistake in my next writing assignment. The second time I displayed growth or improvement is during the profile…

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