Teaching New Customer Service, Cost Accounting, And Management

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Kelly holds a wealth of knowledge, and utilizes this repeatedly in all aspects of her diverse job functions assigned as well as freely volunteers her knowledge to aid others and Taconic as a whole. Teaching new customer service, cost accounting, and sales staff how to utilize, comprehend, and run M2M reports independently are prime examples.
Completes all tasks assign in a well-timed manner. Prioritizes heavy workload based on upper managements’ requirements, customers, departments, and peers to meet their needs and expectations for operational efficiency. She is often sought out for historical information, costing comparables, sales ideas, complaints, and resolving dilemmas to improve tasks and net outcomes.
Kelley’s leadership skills are evident in taking on Exporting rules and regulations. She works closely with an Export team (Carol, Tim, Karen, Trans-boarder) that enables her to educate others and see that the Taconic staff that deals with exporting is educated as well with her Freight/Export team meetings. She is often sought out when there are Export issues that arise in Customer Service and Shipping areas too. Another example is her willingness to educate new Belting staff on how to inspect and select materials for specific customers. Impact Guard, Matco, Universal, Collins and Aikman, and Pioneer Sales are a few examples.
Is an effective problem solver due to extensive knowledge in many areas of Taconic. Often offers suggestions, aid for improvement, and…

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