Essay on Teaching Methods And Methods Of Assessment

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Introduction Assessment is the topic of domain four. It is significance that teachers should include an assessment criteria in their lesson plans. It is so because it reflects a real picture about students’ understanding and, in addition to that, it gives the teachers an authentic result which measures their teaching methods aptitudes inside classrooms. Thus, I am inquisitively wondering: what is assessment? Why is it important? How to do assessment? I find that assessment is defined by many scholars and all definitions involved students’ productions, teaching method efficiency and finding solutions for better outcomes. For instance, Huba and Freed 2000 states that assessment is a way of collecting data and investigating information from different sources for the purpose of developing a deep understanding of what students learn, comprehend and how they use their knowledge as a result of their instructional experiences; then results are used to progress sequent learning. Another definition of assessment is revealed by Erwin 1991, “it is the methodical ground to collect inferences about students’ improvement. It is the process of planning, choosing, construing and applying information students’ future learning development”. Assessment includes gathering facts about educational system as a whole which contribute to future objectives achievement and learning refinement. Palomba and Banta 1999,…

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