Teaching Metaphor As A Service Teacher

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Growing up, I had many wonderful experiences in school, however some experiences are more memorable than others. I remember enjoying school instantaneously. This was primarily due to my kindergarten teacher Ms. Sedore. She possessed all the characteristics of teachers from children’s storybooks. She was kind, caring, encouraging and made certain that she was always interacting with us. Ms. Sedore always encouraged us to “create something wonderful.” Reflecting on it now, I admire her genuine appreciation for the work that we as students accomplished. She instilled the mind-set that we can accomplish anything and that is what, to this day, follows me throughout my education.
In the fifth grade, our school hired a new teacher Mrs.Parmar. I remember
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I believe that the goal of education is to promote freedom of choice and allow individuals to take responsibility for their actions (McNergney et al., 2001). This relates to my teaching metaphor as service dogs typically allow the individual that they are assisting to exercise their free will however, when they need assistance or are unable to perform a task on their own, the service dog assists them. Furthermore, I believe that the role of students is to easily collaborate with one another as well as to establish and utilize new forms of knowledge that can allow them to better both the natural and social world (McNergney et al., 2001). A service dog promotes this same belief as they encourage interactions between the individual they are assisting and others in the world, which enables them to develop and learn new information to better themselves and others. Also, I believe that the role of teachers is to teach students different methods of reasoning such as inductive and deductive (McNergney et al., 2001). Teachers should also teach the scientific method so that students can understand the importance of observation and practice (McNergney et al., 2001). Service dogs also have this role with the individual they are assisting. Although service dogs ensure the safety of the individual they are assisting, they allow for the individual to reason about where they should go and what they should do. Moreover, I believe that the most effective teaching methods is to provide opportunities for students to experience real-life situations that are related to the prior experiences they may have had (McNergney et al., 2001). This relates to my teaching metaphor as service dogs also allow the individual they are assisting to experience everyday learning opportunities however, they ensure the best interest of the individual by guiding them through the various situations they may come across. I

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