Essay on Teaching : Making A Difference

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Teaching: Making a Difference in Students Lives Education is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. Teachers not only shape the lives of their students, they also shape tomorrow. These children that they are teaching and molding are the very same people who will grow up and hold the weight and decisions of the world one day. There is a type of teacher who, though their students may not be perceived as the future of the world, know that their students can succeed. Special education teachers help not only their students but their parents in an effort to teach basic safety and hygiene, as well as other skills like work ethic and money management. There are some educators, however, who go beyond their calling as a teacher and invest everything into the well being and success of their students. Mrs. Danita Clay is one of those; she puts everything she has into her students. She engrosses herself in her work to ensure her students’ success not only in the classroom, but in everyday life and the world after graduation. Mrs. Clay levies for job opportunities for her students who are able bodied, and even educates parents of more severely disabled children about programs for their child after graduation all while staying in the bounds of her jurisdiction as their teacher and not their parent. Typically teachers do not have to educate their students about personal hygiene, manners, or even safety in the kitchen; the child learns those things at home from their parents. As a…

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