Teaching Learning Styles And Abilities Of Students Essay

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When planning the micro-teaching experience, it is essential to ensure the activities are suitable while also remaining engaging and meaningful to the target and incidental audience. Students from the year one class at West End State School and a diverse range of students from the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital are given the opportunity to participate in a performing arts experience planned by QUT preservice teachers. As we are unaware of the specific ages of the students from the hospital, we must ensure our experiences cater for diversity. As future early childhood educators, it is essential to cater for the diverse learning styles and abilities of students. Gardner’s (1978) ‘theory of multiple intelligences’ consists of seven different intelligences, creating a framework that will ensure the micro-teaching experience caters for each child’s individual learning style. Our micro-teaching experience allows for students with visual-spatial, bodily-kinaesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic and logical- mathematical intelligences to engage in multiple different parts of the lesson (Helding, 2009). Furthermore, it allows students to participate in a variety of different types of visual and performing arts. For example, including dance, music, role-play, drawing and storytelling. The accompanying teachers and parents of the year one students and the parents/staff from the Lady Cilento Children’s hospital will be able to participate and watch the…

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