Teaching Learning At Key Stage 1 Essay

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Primary teaching has been my career aim since work experience week, in Year ten. Since then, teaching has been the only profession that I am interested in. The part of teaching that makes me want to do it for the rest of my life, is that every day would be completely different.

I am currently studying Childhood and Family Studies and Education Studies, at the University of Wolverhampton. The course has taught me a vast amount of information, all relevant to teaching in a Primary setting. One module that I found most relevant to expanding my teaching knowledge is ‘Understanding Curriculum’, for which I critiqued and analysed the Key Stage One Literacy curriculum. Another key module, included me undertaking a placement in a primary school to help further my professional and ethical development. I am currently working on my research project, which will research the ‘Attitudes to learning at Key Stage 1’.

In the past few years, I have gained work experience from, mostly, one school. I have found staying in one school very useful, as it has allowed me to be trusted to teach small groups of children - something that may not have happened if I had kept entering different placements as a new addition. Furthermore, it has resulted in me building a relationship with a primary school; something that could be very beneficial when looking for work. Also, having a network with teachers and teaching assistants has also developed my knowledge, with them discussing openly what working in…

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