Teaching Is An Enormous Impact On The Lives Of Our Future Generations

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Teaching makes an enormous impact on the lives of many people. Impacting the lives of our future generations. Teaching also impacts the lives of teachers, helping them to follow their dreams through a remarkable career. If I could make education better, it would be to change a student’s motivation. Throughout my internship, I see a variety of students that have the potential to be and do anything they aspire to be, and yet they lack drive to get there. Teachers are not making connections to students and instead are letting students fall through the cracks. I want to be able to connect with students, to be that motivational push they need to be successful in life. Teachers today have a lot of pressures, and these pressures are affecting their students. Going into classrooms, helping motivate students to see the best in themselves, that they can do anything they put their mind to, will help to change student’s motivation.

When I was younger motivation from my parents and family was what made me fall in love with learning new things. One teacher in second grade inspired me to start reading, even though I was told many times that I was a poor reader. Once I started reading, I became motivated and inspired tremendously by my tenth grade teacher, I continued to keep reading all throughout my life. I was then inspired to teach my passion of reading by my eleventh grade teacher, that showed me I had the potential for great things. Her motivation set me on the track for greatness…

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