Teaching Is An Art That Is Not Capable By Just Anyone Essay

1367 Words Nov 18th, 2015 6 Pages
I believe that teaching is an art that is not capable by just anyone. I believe it is a calling, a lifestyle, and that it acts as a special role in society. Since the beginning of time, teachers have been respected and viewed as knowledgeable, but it is unfortunate that there are people out there today who don’t currently feel that way. Teaching is special, teaching is important, and most of all, teaching is influential. Teaching is a proclamation to the world that you’re passionate about something and that you’re willing to share that part of yourself with others. Learning is just as special when it is done from teachers who are educating for the right reasons. Learning is a continuous process that doesn’t end with graduation or the changing of grade levels; it is constant. One can never stop learning especially with the wide expansion of knowledge that is now readily available at one’s fingertips.
I am currently earning a degree in music education, and while my passion for music has driven part of my decision to teach, I also feel that I would most benefit society as an educator. I want to teach simply because of the teachers that came before me. I had the blessing of being taught by incredible teachers who sacrificed their time and energy to teach me, and I owe it to them. I owe it to my future students to be educated and do what I feel I was called to do. Teaching is something that seems to come naturally to me, so why would I not take ahold of this special gift and use…

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