Teaching Is An Approach Based On Maslow 's Theory Of Personal Growth And Development

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Nondirective teaching is an approach based on Abraham Maslow’s formulations of personal growth and development. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that people are motivated to achieve certain needs. When one need is fulfilled a person seeks to fulfill the next one. Nondirective teaching connects to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs on the fourth level through the developing and enhancing of student’s self-esteem. With nondirective teaching the focus is primarily based on enhancing student self-esteem with subject content secondary. Nondirective teaching focuses on positive relationships which enable students to grow (Joyce, Weil, & Calhoun, 2009). With the focus placed on positive human relationship more so than the concepts of the subject matter this leaves the teacher to assume the role of counselor opposed to his or her normal classroom facilitator role.
The nondirective approach consists of four qualities. First, the teacher portrays warmth and responsiveness, showing genuine interest and accepting the students regardless of anything. Second, the teacher does not judge or moralize any of the students. Third, students are free to express their emotions and feelings – this does not mean they have control over the teacher and can act upon these emotions and feelings. Fourth, the teacher to student relationship is free from any type of pressure or coercion (p. 328). With nondirective teaching the teacher views every learning task as an opportunity to aid in student growth and…

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