Essay on Teaching Is A Teacher Of Any Kind Have A True Vocation

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Teaching is a challenging job, but every teacher knows that at the end, numerous rewards will come. I believe that those who choose to be a teacher of any kind have a true vocation. Teaching offers a great deal of variety, satisfaction, and sense of contribution to future citizens. Teachers get incredibly washed in joy in seeing with their own eyes the difference they make as students gain new knowledge. Every day teachers are the ones that help construct the future of students through impacting their student’s views and understandings. I would like to one day be that person, giving service and making a difference in the lives of others.
I had the pleasure and opportunity to be involved in a field observation experience of twenty-one hours in one location that offered me the chance to become aware of the many roles of a teacher and of the many responsibilities I need to prepare myself as a future teacher. This enabled me to learn and observe theory in practice through the field experience. Behavior in a professional manner was expected as well as the acceptance of my placement with appreciation and humility. This was a practical approach for both me and the hosting teacher. My time management and commitment was crucial to successfully completing the course. Cherry Street School is a dedicated educational learning environment that encourages all of our students to “soar to success.” The Cherry Street School mission is to provide excellent instruction through high…

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