Teaching Instrumental Music To Special Learner Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… It just takes some adaptations and modifications. One adaptation is with the musical instruments. Certain instruments have been found to be more appropriate than others. The teacher must be in contact with the special education teacher. This is so that the teacher is made aware of any certain limitations that the special learner may have. Another adaptation is with the social environment. The teacher needs to make sure that they are doing several steps to make sure that the special learner is accepted into the group. One way is to assign a buddy to help out the student. Another step the teacher needs to take is to speak to the ensemble about the ways the special learner is like or unlike them and about what accommodations must be made. Another way to adapt the social environment is through parental involvement. They can easily follow a list of items and help with their special needs child. Sometimes a teacher might need to adapt the music that the special learner is playing. They might arrange a part just for the special learner so that he or she may be successful in their part. The teacher may also have to adapt their teaching technique. Two approaches that may be used are task analysis and precision teaching. Teachers may also have to adapt their evaluation techniques. Progress should be charted and documented for both the students and their parents to

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