Teaching Healthy Habits : How Parents Can Prevent Childhood Obesity

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Teaching Healthy Habits: How Parents Can Prevent Childhood Obesity
Parents setting good examples, when accompanied by the application of basic math, could cure the obesity epidemic in the United States. The CDC declares that, in the last 30 years, childhood obesity has doubled, with there being a fourfold increase during the same time period for obesity in teens. It is easy to blame the food industry, video games, fast food lifestyles and other things, but the facts remain that obesity leads to metabolic disorders, which lead to serious health issues such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Parents Need to Learn Healthy Habits First
It is impossible to teach what one does not know. Words such as fiber, carbs, protein, good fat and bad fat are heard but not well understood by the general population. Fad diets abound, severely restricting carbohydrates and pushing proteins or stressing not to eat certain foods. The math says that, if weight needs to be lost, then the body has to go into a net caloric deficit. That means either cutting back on calories consumed or increasing calories burned. The best "diet" does a bit of both. The count of calories is important to not have a surplus at the end of each day. Nutrition is getting those calories by consuming foods that are known to lead to better health and are sufficient in things growing bodies need to thrive.
Slow and Steady Improvement Goals
A "diet" is not a temporary thing when it comes to weight loss or obesity…

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