Teaching: Grammatical Number and Notes Essay

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Select the verb that is conjugated into simple present:
Angela ________ carrots for her salad. (cuts)
Which sentence is written in the imperative?
(Listen to your parents.)
Select the verb that is conjugated into present continuous:
Rather than shoes, I _________ sandals. (am wearing)
Identify the verb tense or mood of the bolded word(s):
Don't stop believing! (imperative)
To discuss activities that are currently in progress, which verb tense would you use? (present continuous)
Identify the error in the following
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In order to mix it up, she decides to write a series of five sentences on the board, all in the present continuous, and then asks her students to look at the material and try to discover the rules of the grammar point. What type of activity has Joanna employed?
Discovery activity
When reading the journals that your students keep, you notice that a lot of the students are talking about their daily activities. To help them with this writing, you decide to do a lesson on common activities and adverbs of frequency. Which verb tense or mood will also be covered in this lesson? (Simple present)

Identify the tense of the bolded verb:
I have been living in Miami for two years.(None of the above)
Which sentence is in the present perfect?(They have lived on Mulberry Street.)
Select the verb that is conjugated into past continuous:
It ________________ beautifully. (was singing)
Identify the tense of the bolded verb:
They were building a new house. (Past continuous)
To discuss activities that occurred at an indefinite time in the past, which of the following verb tenses would you use? (present perfect)
When using past time clauses to describe interrupted events, what are the tenses used in the time clause and the main clause, respectively? (Past continuous, simple past)
Identify the error in the following sentence:
I didn't used to like Brussels sprouts, but now I do.
(negative statements are written with use to.)
Which of the following time expressions is

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