Teaching Grammar And Second Language Learners Essay example

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Despite the importance of the grammar instruction in any language, I believe that grammar should not be included in second language classes for beginners who just start to learn a language. The beginners should learn how to understand the language first. The grammar instruction will be not useful for the students unless they understand the meaning. After they become in the intermediate level, they are eligible to study grammar. Then, when the students become in advance level, they should no longer take grammar classes again. Students should not spend their time studying grammar in the classroom. There is no merit in teaching grammar roles for the second language learners. Also, grammar is not the major skill in the language. There are other skills that we should focus on as second language teachers.

For the beginners in the second language, the goal is how they get the meaning of a sentence instead of study grammar. Furthermore, the goal for the advance learners is how they become fluent in the language because they have to absorb the grammar roles through the listening, reading, or while they communicate with native speakers. I read a book about second language learners this year, and in this book, the author summarized that children acquired their first language from their parents. They imitated their parents word by word until they could speak fluently. Then, at age 6, children went to school to study grammar. Also, they studied how to read and write. Thus, children…

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