Teaching Goals And Course Topics Essay

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Learning Goals and Course Topics Graduating from a diploma nursing program over 26 years ago, I had very limited exposure to nursing theories. Most of our time was spent performing clinical services, learning pathophysiology of disease processes and basic anatomy and physiology. Three learning goals I have set for myself include:
1. Expand my knowledge of nursing theories.
2. Gain a better understanding of the relationship between research, theory and practice.
3. Understand and identify how the developments of nursing theories have impacted the nursing profession. After reviewing the course modules and syllabus it was very difficult to choose which two topics that may interest me the most or the least. While briefly reviewing the course and modules goals it was very evident that most of the nursing theories have very common threads thus making it difficult to make a decision without exploring each theory in more detail. It appears that theories from the previous years or decade are used as a foundation to grow and expand future nursing theories. If I had to make a choice the two modules that may interest me the most it would include module 3: Peplau, Henderson and Orem and module 4: Johnson, Orlando and the 1950-60’s. The two modules that would be least interesting include module 7: Leininger, Newman and Watson and module 8: Parse, Erickson, Tomlin & Swain and Pender (George 2011). Currently I work with Community Care of North Carolina, a…

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