Teaching For Joy And Justice : Re Imagining The Language Arts Classroom

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Unit Rational: In the text, Teaching for Joy and Justice: Re-Imagining the Language Arts Classroom, author Linda Christensen (2009) explores the notion and importance of teaching students through a pedagogy of joy and justice. Components of such pedagogy include crafting curriculum that emphasizes social justice, so students are able to “see that history is not inevitable, that there are spaces where it can bend, change, and become more just,” and “creating a curriculum that matters, a curriculum that helps students make sense of the world, that makes then feel smart … and educated.” I stand firm that this unit, which analyzes historical influences of race, gender and education in regards to the American Dream in the 1920s and in modern society, will foster Christensen’s pedagogy of teaching joy and justice. Students will examine this topic historically through reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s canonical novel, The Great Gatsby as the unit’s fulcrum text. Textual and context text will enhance students understanding of the way these influence shaped the American Dream in the 1920s and the society we live in today. My goal is to have students think about: What are the influences that affect our lives and social-historical worlds? What are the consequences of those influences? What is our responsibility to question influences? Cultural Significance – National, & Literary Significance:
Supporting students in reading and understanding The Great Gatsby allows for building…

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