Teaching English Learners With The Siop Model Essay

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In 99 Ideas and Activities for Teaching English Learners with the SIOP Model, MaryEllen Vogt and Jana Echevarria offer research-based and verified techniques for putting together SIOP lessons. These ideas and activities are aimed at promoting differentiated instruction in the classroom and include new approaches to lesson planning and activities as well as numerous familiar, time-tested ideas that simply serve to remind teachers of the tools and methodologies they have at their disposal. While all of the ideas they present are useful for any classroom teacher, not just those who work with ELL students, and can be adopted or not based on students’ needs and teaching style, there is a key component that is essential for success no matter what: preparation. The authors present six key questions for teachers to ask themselves to help facilitate differentiated instruction and deliver effective sheltered lessons. Since I am not currently in the classroom, I will use my my first lesson plan, an 8th grade physics lesson about Newton’s First Law, as an example to highlight how these features come together to create a successful SIOP lesson.
The first two aspects of preparation the authors present focus on clearly defining content and language objectives, which is extremely important because your objectives are the foundation on which the rest of the lesson is built. Clearly defined and communicated objectives are essential to “provide a roadmap for both students and teachers” (p. 8).…

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