Teaching English As A Second Language Essay

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Reflective summary
Language learning and teaching course is a necessary course for everyone interested in the field of teaching English as a second language. This course provided me with theories and explanations in how human acquired the first and second language and what factors can affect their ability to acquire the language. There are three theories that have been described first language acquisition. Behaviorist approach insists that language behavior is a production of correct response to a particular stimulus. Functional approach focused on the social interaction while the nativist theory insists that we are born with the inner ability to understand and developed language. All of these theories explained just one aspect and factor that influence the L1 acquisition.
Acquiring a language is influenced by several factors. Age is an important factor in affecting both first and second language acquisition. In human life, there is a “Critical Period Hypothesis” which insists that there is a period of time in human life where people can acquire a language more easily and beyond that time language becomes difficult to acquired. This time is before the puberty from birth to thirteen of age, and after the puberty, acquiring the authentic of language becomes very difficult. However, neurological perspective insists that as human brain matures, some features become “lateralized” to one of the brain hemispheres. Cognitive variation in learning can affect the acquisition of a…

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