Essay about Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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It is a fact of life that most of the US universities are ranked among the top 50 universities in the world and studying there is a dream of life for professionals, especially for teachers of English.
As an English teacher who is pursuing further professional development I expect to undertake MA in TESOL program in one of the US universities.
First, I want to be enrolled in the program that will integrate both the theories and practice of language teaching e.g. teaching language systems and skills in English as a foreign language, which will both equip me with theoretical understandings of teaching English in a foreign context.
Moreover, I aim at the program that will have a considerable amount of input sessions aimed at enlarging my knowledge about language systems and developing language skills.
Second, within the TESOL program I wish to study and use research tools, methods, and gain skills on designing empirical research on a particular problem related to EFL, gaining knowledge about them and further application of those skills and knowledge in working on my PhD research in the future. The points that I feel strong need for include qualitative and quantitative research in TESOL, identifying limitations of any given research and writing research reports.
Third, during the study course I plan to emphasize on the problems of designing teaching materials such as course books, manuals, e-books, web pages, dictionaries and other resources used in teaching English as a foreign…

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