Teaching English And Private School Facilities Essay

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The classrooms settings and teachers which were interviewed and observed where from public and private school facilities. I had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Missal, and Mrs. Avarado-Neher who both were employed as Resource Teachers at two different Title I Public Elementary school. Mrs. Turnbull, ELL certified, works at a private Christian Pre-school provided insight into Japanese students learning English in Nagoya, Japan. Lastly, Mrs. Edmonds was observed in her tenth grade English high school class at a private Christian school which had a multitude of cultures in her student population. Each person presented a different perspective in the teaching strategies used, the accommodations that were offered and insightful information in to the teaching of English Language Learners.
Though I did not observe Mrs. Missal in a classroom setting, she explained the complexity of teaching English Language Learners in the Anchorage School District. She explained the process that is used to identify ELLs and the WIDA English Development Standards which are used for assessment and yearly growth determination. Resource teachers could service wither one or a multitude of schools at one time. The most interesting piece of information I received from her was that each principal institute their own ELL accommodational programs. Therefore the ELL accommodations and strategies can vary from school to school. For instance the schools she services uses block scheduling and the…

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