Teaching English And Learning It Myself As An Ell ( English Language Learner )

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Fortunately, I have past experiences teaching English and learning it myself as an ELL (English language learner) student. I have taught English in local schools in Cambodia, to children who could not afford education and worked with several NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in the process. While working with those children, I developed not only teaching skills, but my passion too becoming a teacher. My work led me to pursuit my career in education, so I can provide it to those who are as passionate and eager about it as I am. Since I have always done volunteer work, it was only routinely for me to contact organizations and work with them. Luckily for me, I had family friends I knew who worked with RefugeeOne. RefugeeOne has resettled tens of thousands of refugees, including survivors of Cambodia’s killing fields, the former Yugoslavia, and genocide in Rwanda and other African countries; Jews fleeing Communist oppression; and Iranians escaping the Islamic Revolution. My father who survived the Khmer Rogue Regime, came to America as a refugee and over time, he worked with different organizations to bring more refugees into the United States. I was born in Cambodia, but my father was already a citizen of the United States, so I inherited his American nationality. When I was seven years old, my father decided to move us here so my mother could also become a citizen. I spoke English at a low level, my mother on the other hand spoke little to none. I adapted over time,…

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