Essay about Teaching Education During The Nineteenth Century

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One letter written by an official from the Department of Public Instruction indicated that students were required to attend their designated school, and if a teacher chose to allow a student to stay, than they would not be paid any extra salary, nor would they receive financial compensation for any money they had to spend on the student. In studying education during the nineteenth century, and its impact on youth, it is also important to understand the experience of the staff teaching the youth. During the nineteenth century, teachers were referred to “mistresses and masters”. Until the mid-nineteenth century, most teaching was done in the student’s home. In most cases, society’s notions of morality were reflected in the staff that were hired. While the majority of Ontario schools required potential hires to have skill in teaching as well as respectability (this hiring practice ensures teachers are modelling appropriate and moral behaviour to the students), but some schools required far more. By regulating the morality of teachers, the board officials were able to establish a system of social and moral conditioning for their pupils . Ensuring the teachers were hired from moral backgrounds was especially important as teachers have an important role in the lives of their students. For the teachers themselves, the working conditions varied significantly. Teaching jobs were considered to be very competitive , as teachers often needed multiple jobs. Teachers often…

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