Teaching Critical Thinking At The Executive Elite School Essay

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Since the beginning of time, people were always meant to stay in their own social class without enough help to make something better of themselves. The wealthy usually have a way of staying wealthy without much effort because of all the opportunities they receive that average people may not have. The upper class has been taught the skills necessary to qualify for jobs that the lower class may not have the chance to learn. Anyon states:
“In the executive elite school, work is developing one 's analytical intellectual powers. Children are continually asked to reason through a problem, to produce intellectual products that are both logically sound and of top academic quality. A primary goal of thought is to conceptualize rules by which elements may fit together in systems and then to apply these rules in solving a problem.(page 175) “
This means that in the top schools they are learning critical thinking in a way that lower class schools may not be learning it. In the executive elite schools they learn how to teach themselves, and the instructors give the students an opportunity to solve problems without guiding them on what to do. Another great opportunity that upper class students have would be a greater amount of responsibility, such as preparing for class on their own or being able to grab any amount of supplies needed from the teacher’s desk or closet without permission. As young children they are taught to be responsible and have the ability to think for themselves. Being…

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