Teaching Controversial Issues Within The Classroom Through Discussion

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Teaching controversial issues in the classroom through discussion is the most beneficial method for students to learn about these matters because it teaches them how to be open-minded, think critically about their own beliefs, and forces them to master their public speaking and interpersonal skills. The benefits of using discussions in classrooms to teach contentious topics are endless but the three previously mentioned have proven to be the most valuable by students, teachers, and parents everywhere. Class discussions force students to listen, embrace, and be respectful of opinions and beliefs that are divergent to their own. As mentioned by David Bridges (1979), an author who has formerly analyzed the notion of discussion, the sharing of contrasting perspectives and beliefs that reflect the diversity of our world teaches students true acceptance and the ability to be open-minded. Both of these traits being crucial for students to acquire when living in a democratic society. Through discussions students will come to understand that the majority of people do not agree on certain matters especially on an issue such as deciding what encompasses an ideal type of society, yet it is still possible for us all to live peacefully together despite containing opposing views. Once again this is a vital concept students will need to consider as they progress throughout their educational career and life, especially those growing up in a Socialist nation. Engaging in classroom…

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