Teaching Breastfeeding : Environment, Positioning And Breast Care

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Teaching Breastfeeding: Environment, Positioning and Breast Care
Ashley Baker
Denver School of Nursing

Teaching Breastfeeding: Environment, Positioning and Breast Care
The clinical family that presented in the St. Anthony’s North hospital consisted of an Eighteen-year-old female gravida 1, parity 1, post-partum 24 hours after vaginal delivery of baby boy. Baby boy is having difficulty latching for more than a few sucks and mother is having difficulty with milk production, painful nipples and worried that her baby will not be able to breast feed. The mother of baby is accompanied by her mother (baby’s grandmother) and twenty-one year old boyfriend (baby’s father). The father is sitting in the corner chair sleeping, the mother is resting in bed, alert and awake when anyone enters the room; grandmother is holding the baby.
Before teaching is offered to this family, their education needs must be assessed. Through conversation it is determined that mother had recently graduated high school and had been reading many blogs online to prepare for her baby’s arrival. It is important to note the education level, in this case is at least at a 7th grade level for understanding teaching material that is offered and will be taken home and reviewed at a later time (Bowman & Ruchala, 2006). Observations were made regarding mother-grandmother relationship as grandmother will most-likely be offering mother advice on infant care, decision making help, and offering financial and…

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