Teaching At Cherokee Trail Elementary Essay

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For this unit plan the adaptations made will be to present additional visual aids, demonstrations in both visual and verbal step-by-step instructions giving the students a better understanding of the expected outcome of the lesson or project. Students that need additional time and directions I will need to provide repeated instructions and adjust as we move through the lessons and project. My understanding as I move through the unit plan with the students that have trouble with certain instructions is through my own experience. Before I started my student teaching at Cherokee Trail Elementary I was unaware that I would end up back with my art teacher from grade school, Walter Barton. Through general conversation we both became aware that I had attended his class many years ago. This was the elementary school that was able to determine I had dyslexia and needed my own personal IEP. When I realized I attended the school back in elementary, I was able to retrieve a pinch pot my mother saved as evidence of my art endeavors back during that time.

7. Resource Assistance
Cooperating Teacher: Walter Barton, is the primary art teacher for Cherokee Trail Elementary. Walter is guiding me into his methods for a successful art room. He has been very welcoming in addressing my concerns and provided helpful feedback on all my questions. Walter welcomed me into his class and suggested during our orientation seminar that he would do whatever was needed to make this a successful experience…

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