Essay on Teaching As A Lifestyle Rather Than A Job

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Why I Feel Called to Teach I see teaching as a lifestyle rather than a job. I feel called to teach because I simply love children. When I think of my future, I picture my life centered on something that I truly love doing. As a teacher, that’s exactly what I will get to do. I believe that teaching is one of the few jobs where you can make an impact on our world’s future. Spending time with children as well as getting to know them and making an impact on their lives brings much joy to me. Children are such a blessing. They are all so funny, innocent, and smart, but also very challenging. Currently working at a preschool, I see all of those characteristics every single day. The kids who are more than excited to learn something new and then the kids who are as stubborn and unmotivated as it gets, are all in the same classroom. Having this challenge makes teaching all the more worth it. I believe that to be a teacher, you have to be called to do so. Being a teacher because “I like kids” is not a good enough reason. You have to love them and love teaching them. I love watching my kids at the preschool grow and learn new things. It’s amazing how smart kids are and how much they will change in just a year. One of the best parts of it is the relationships you build, especially in the lower grades. I can’t wait to have 20 students loving me as much as I love them. It is so special that I could one day have the opportunity as a teacher to make positive impacts on my students lives.…

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