Teaching As A Effective Teacher Essay

1003 Words Jan 8th, 2016 5 Pages
There are many theories and approaches to learning when it comes to being a teacher. Being a highly effective teacher takes dedication and hard work to include these theories and approaches in the classroom. Finding the best fit for myself and the ideas and approaches I take as a teacher have come from my experience and knowledge of teaching. Being a highly effective teacher, involves the use of multiple approaches and multiple theories in the classroom, as I continue my career as an educator I see these theories, approaches and ideas easily flow with my instruction and curriculum. I also see the need for knowledge of additional learning theories to become the highly effective teacher I thrive to be. By setting attainable goals for myself and my classroom as well as continuing education, I can continue on the road to becoming a highly effective teacher.
While many different theories and approaches to learning take place in my classroom the theory that I use the most in my instruction is the humanistic learning theory. This theory states that learning is a personal task, and students have a natural desire to learn in which teachers should facilitate this desire. Students are more motivated to learn when they are interested in the content. I am fortunate enough to teach classes, in which enrollment is based upon student interest. Being an extracurricular type program, the students I work with are already interested in learning and show the desire to further their education in…

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